1) Do you offer free estimates?

Our estimates are always free unless they are requested from corporate facilities, government entities, school districts, etc for the purpose of preparing annual budgets or budget figures for review prior to offering for formal bids.


2) What areas do you service?

We try to remain competitive in our market by working within a fifty-mile radius (or one hour driving time) of Chico . We do travel to more distant location with “per diem” charges added into our contract. We have traveled up to 500 miles for specialty projects or by request from established customers.



3) When you start my job, will you stay on it until it's complete?

Our goal is to move forward in an orderly and timely manner on all projects. We prefer to stay on a project, once started, until it is completed.



4) Are your painters trained?


Bestway Painters are trained professionals, from the top project lead painter to the apprentice painter under a leader's supervision. Our apprentices are trained in our shop in a three-year “Wheels of Learning” painting program designed specifically for the industry by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER.) Painter's Unions as well as Open Shop Apprenticeship programs use this training program nationally.


Additionally, our painters receive craft upgrade training from coating companies whenever new products and application tools are introduced to the industry, keeping abreast with new technology. .


In the past ten years, the painting industry has experienced numerous and far-reaching changes. Environmental issues with lead based paint and mold regulations, limited use of oil base paints, and the more recent low VOC compliant products are but a few. Proper clean-up and disposal practices, and new safety regulations for the protection of the public, the environment and our workers, compel us to use only properly trained personnel to work in your home, business, school or institution.


In order to maintain our commitment to top quality workmanship, we remain diligent in investing in top quality training for our craftspeople.



5) What type of paint do you use?


Hundreds of paints, specialty primers and sundry products are available today. Bestway Painters, Inc. draws from years of application experience, education, research, and a vast network of professional coating representatives when selecting the best product for any particular job.


The most expensive paint or “Consumer Reports” declared “best” may not always be the proper paint for your particular project.


We do not limit ourselves to any particular product line, but rather suggest the products we believe to be best suited for the conditions of your project.

6) When my paint project is finished, will it look like new?


We can't promise “new”, but we can and do promise the best-looking finish application possible for your project.


You can trust us to know how to factor in varying conditions such as surface temperature and moisture when selecting the most appropriate product for your job.


When it's called for, we will know which finish conditioners to add for optimum workability and leveling of paint.


We will know how to cut in a straight line on rough stucco, prepare an unsuitable surface so the finish will adhere properly, and keep over-spray off your roof, walkway, landscaping, and other property.


When we complete your project, you can rest assured we will leave no signs that we were there: no clean up stains in your grass or gutters. We will leave your jobsite properly secured and looking as good as it can look.


Your completed project will be one that you and we can be proud of. Remember, our mission is to make you our customer for life.




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